Cyber Attack Simulation vs Pen Testing vs Vulnerability Scanning


Organizations of all shapes and sizes are fighting the war against cyberattackers. As we have seen in recent years, cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, which makes it harder to detect and mitigate them.
Current methods that organizations (and their CISOs) mainly use to verify that their systems and data protected, are vulnerability scans and penetration tests. The results are used for risk assessment that has become an integral part of mandatory provisions in various regulations (e.g., GDPR and NYCRR).
As we will see in this Whitepaper, vulnerability scans and penetration tests are useful for getting insight into the security posture of an organization at a specific moment. Although useful, they do not present the full picture; especially when it comes to sophisticated, multi-vector attacks.

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✓  The pros and cons of each method

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