Cymulate Exposure Analytics Data Sheet

Data Sheet

CISOs and their teams have the tough task of explaining cybersecurity risk and resilience in a way that makes sense to both the technical side and business leaders.  Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) creates that common language.


However, without a way to gather and connect data from different sources aligned to the business side, CTEM programs can’t get the full picture.


With Cymulate Exposure Analytics, security teams that use CTEM can pull data from vulnerability management platforms, asset inventories, clouds, security controls, and the IT infrastructure.


Data can be aggregated to:

  • Correlate exposure potential with business context
  • Report on issues to be addressed, in context, by risk and area of responsibility
  • Create remediation plans to reduce exposure and close gaps
  • Baseline risk and security posture with continuous assessment and improvement tracking
  • Build risk metrics and performance tracking for CTEM program scoping and mobilization

See how Cymulate Exposure Analytics can quantify risk and resilience so security teams can make informed data-based decisions, and provide better insights to strategic leadership.


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