Euronext Secures Trading with Breach and Attack Simulation

Case Study

Seeking a more cost-effective way to test Euronext’s security posture and complement homegrown cyber attack simulations, Euronext’s Security Operations Manager, Jorge Ruão, heard of Cymulate’s breach and attack simulation platform, and decided to give it a try.

By using Cymulate, the Euronext Security Unit reaped numerous benefits within a short space of time. These included the ability to:

  • Frequently and repeatedly evaluate security controls
  • Determine the impact of changes to the IT environment
  • Run simulations of the very latest Immediate Threats
  • Perform cross-vector security risk assessments, e.g. email, web, endpoint, etc.
  • Prove the value of business decisions

Whether your security program is mature or just getting started, breach and attack simulation provides the instant, actionable insights your team needs.

Start using your resources effectively. Download the case study to learn how!

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