Minimize Risk:​
Drift Detection
& Control​

Establish security risk baselines and quickly
detect drift from policies

Drift Detection & Control Overview​

Security Drift is the inevitable result of a constantly changing business technology environment. New users,
applications, updates, process changes, infrastructure changes, and a host of other day-to-day operations
alter the cybersecurity resilience of the organization. New threat activity evolves rapidly, requiring tuning and
alterations to controls to combat thesenew threats properly.

The Cymulate Platform provides a suite of capabilities designed to identify changes in the attack surface,
gaps in controls, and drift from security policies.


Minimize Risks Challenges​

The challenges of detecting security posture drift keep growing​

Control Evaluation

Control Evaluation

Evolving system complexity requires a constant flow of information on the abilities of controls​​

Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment

Assessing against emerging threats and zero-day exploits requires extensive research and resources

Exposure Mapping

Exposure Mapping

Detection can identify threat activity, but may not map out exposure risk across all business operations​​

Remediation Efficacy

Remediation Efficacy

Remediation of any gap does not mean that that gap, or an evolution of the gap, cannot reoccur ​​

Drift Detection and Control

Cymulate Platform provides​

  • A Proactive Approach to Control Risk Exposure​
    Continuous attack simulations point at security gaps,
    vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations over time and
    as systems evolve. ​
  • Ongoing Assessments
    Automation provides the ability to continually assess
    environments and systems to track overall resilience
    and catch gaps as quickly as possible.​
  • Risk-Based Scoring
    Every assessment provides a Cymulate Score based
    on test results compared against MITRE ATT&CK®, NIST,
    CVSS, and other standards. Changes to overall risk are easy
    to identify and begin correcting.​
  • Security Drift Prevention
    Timely detection of newly introduced security gaps
    accelerates remediation time and prevents unnoticed drift;
    both due to the threat landscape and due to business
    systems evolution.​

Benefits of Drift Detection & Control​

Inclusive risk scoring to identify gaps and determine available paths to remediate and tune

Dynamically tune systems and remediate risk caused by business operations and threat activity

Perform ongoing assessments to ensure new gaps are addressed and that existing gaps do not recur 

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Liad Pichon, Director of Cybersecurity, BlueSnap

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