SOC and Incident

The Challenge: Unmanageable Amount of SOC Data and Alerts

Enterprise security infrastructures average 80 security products, creating “security sprawl” and a big management challenge for security operation center (SOC) teams.

Multiple security controls generate hundreds of daily alerts, making it difficult to identify priorities, assign remediation tasks, and validate that remediation efforts are effective. SOC teams must integrate and interpret massive amounts of data from various security tools before they can even begin prioritizing mitigation activities. 

The Solution

With Cymulate, SOC teams can validate SIEM integrations with other security controls across the organization’s infrastructure, ensuring that events and alerts are being picked up by the SIEM. Integrating Cymulate with an organization’s SOC empowers security analysts to:  

  • Ensure that all simulated attacks are detected 
  • Accelerate mitigation of uncovered security gaps 
  • Validate remediation effectiveness
  • Prevent security drift  
  • Enrich event and alert data and reduce false positives 
  • Prioritize alerts accurately 
  • Continuously improve security posture  


Improve People
and Processes

Exercise and improve proactive threat hunting and incident response scenarios

Detection Technologies

Optimize detections of malicious behaviors and new threats

Improve Event Analysis
and Alerting

Fine tune SIEM rules to reduce false positives and improve incident-alert efficacy

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Case Study

Elara Caring Optimize Their SOC and SIEM Vendors With Cymulate

This Case Study shares how Elara Caring managed its SOC and SIEM vendors against advanced threats like ransomware and supply-chain attacks.

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How to Validate Your SOC

Cymulate enables companies to validate the performance of their SOC through integrations with EDR, xDR, and SIEM systems.

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SIEM Validation: How the Sumo Logic + Cymulate Integration Works

When integrated with Sumo Logic, Cymulate increases a security team’s efficiency through dynamic, customizable dashboards and more

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Simply Know

Control and assure the security posture
of your organization with the most
comprehensive Extended Security Posture Management platform.

More Solutions

Learn how Cymulate makes it easy to keep all angles of your company safe and secure.

Security Control Validation

Comprehensive SIEM/SOC and IR assessment with many scenarios permutations

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Security Posture Management

Automated end-to-end security
baselining and trending

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SIEM Validation

Optimized SIEM Performance
with enhance detection and
reduced false positives

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Product Evaluation

Scored assessment capabilities for potential third-party solutions

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Comprehensive M&A security posture analysis of planned acquisitions

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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence

Continuously updated emerging threats resilience evaluation

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Employee Security Awareness

Automated production-safe email phishing campaigns

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Compliance Enablement

Automated mandated compliance testing
and reporting

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Cloud Security Validation

Continuous cloud security control validation and mitigation optimization

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Attack Surface Management

Continuous Security Validation with 360°
exposure visibility, comprehensive
threat vector identification
and resilience scoring

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Attack Based Vulnerability Prioritization

Data backed optimized mitigation prioritization

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